Myaamia Ethnobotanical Database

Homepage of the EDB database with the Mahkihkiwa header at the top left, along with various menu buttons  on the top right.

In the center of the page is an image of a hand holding leaves of a purple branch. Above this image is a search bar with a search button next to it, and a "Browse" and "Advanced Search" button.
Below the image, is a description of the EDB.
The homepage of the EDB website

The Ethnobotanical Database (EDB) is a webpage that houses the usage information for a number of plant species discovered by Myaamia Tribe researchers. The site acts as a reference site for Myaamia Tribe researchers to uncover the uses and applications of various plant species.

The project served as my Senior capstone, and is built using PHP and Laravel. The site is hosted on Miami IT’s servers and utilizes Gitlab Continuous Integration to push updates reliably to the site without any downtime.

View the database here (

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